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Jatapol PMMA stabilizing Resin is a low viscosity …

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We have a new batch of beautiful Turkish walnut.…

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New robinia acacia!!!…

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Knife Making Supplies for Knife makers

Jatagan.eu is the latest branded eshop selling Knife Makers and Knife Making Supplies. Just browse and choose from a huge amount of different exotic Knife Making Materials from around the whole world. Does not matter, if you're highly professional cutler or just enthusiast who wants to make his own knife.
Brostrom SS 85
Brostrom SS 85
AEB-EL stainless steel.
Goods is in stock
42,8 € (inc. of VAT)

Tips for you
Paracord Burgundy Brass collar nr.08
Paracord Burgundy Brass collar nr.08
Parachute Cord - Paracord Ø 4mm
The indicated price is for 1 meter
Semi-finished brass collar
Goods is in stock Goods is in stock
0,6 € (inc. of VAT)
8,0 € (inc. of VAT)

UHU Schuh and leder Bolster R 32 large - brass
UHU Schuh and leder Bolster R 32 large - brass
Fast and flexible shoe and leather adhesive. Bonding remains flexible and balances material tension. Water and temperature resistant. Suitable for blades
-AE Taiga 125
-Lauri Hiking
-Lauri Laplander
Goods is in stock Goods is in stock
2,4 € (inc. of VAT)
3,6 € (inc. of VAT)

Today we recommend you:
TORMEK T-7 Sharpener Blade Mora 110
TORMEK T-7 Sharpener Blade Mora 110
The T-7 model improves the accuracy and safety in edge tool sharpening thanks to two new innovations, a Square Edge Jig and a Truing and Dressing Tool with screw feed. These developments also make the sharpening more user friendly. laminated steel
length of blade: 110mm
width: max.22mm
thickness: 2,5mm
Goods is in stock Goods is in stock
632,0 € (inc. of VAT)
25,6 € (inc. of VAT)

Blade Mora 110 Hunter
Blade Mora 110 Hunter
Blade length: 110mm
Blade Width: 21mm
The strength of the blade: 2,8 mm
Overall length: 225mm
Goods is in stock
34,4 € (inc. of VAT)

Manufacture of Knives and Daggers

We offer wide range of Knife Makers and Knife Making Supplies in our eshop. You can buy building kit if you are less skilled cutler. There is everything you need for homemade knife. Professional cutlers usually buy single components separately. We offer handles and Knife Blades from all kinds of materials (Damascus, Carbon Steel, Laminated Steel, Stainless Steel etc.). You can also buy raw steel for knifemaking, rivets, screw-cutting taps, belt grinders, saddlery accessories and another material for Knife Makers. Be unique and make your own special knife according to your requirements. Knife is useful and indispensable tool for Cooks, Chiefs, Handy Mans, Fishermans or Hikers. There is all kinds of knifes for different use and from different materials. TOP quality knife saves you time, no matter where you're – in a kitchen, in a workshop or on a hunt. Throw you old dull poor quality knifes away and make your own one. Check our special section Classic Knife if you're too busy or if you don't have right tools for manufacturing. You'll find quality knives Mora, EnZo and Lappi. Use filters to make your purchase faster and easier. You can filter according to price, blade length or used material.


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