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Ivo Hrazánek - Knife by hand

Do you want to make a knife, which fell into his hand as if he were a part of it? No problem. Or manufacture knives according palmprint.
Own several hunting knives, but when I first saw the site Jatagan, I yearn to try to produce the knife himself. Because of this, I had no experience plus I was not entirely sure of my imagination, I decided to first make a model of the knife with the exact imprint of my hand.
Draw on plywood and cut out the shape of the blade. Plywood should be approximately as strong as the blade, in this case approximately 3.5 mm

From molding materials, I did roll that I put on a false blade. Can be used. Modurit, or you can mass produce themselves. There are tons of tutorials.

Shaping. On the matter, I published my fingers and oval shape until I was satisfied with the final shape.

I now have a 3D model of the future of the knife that fits perfectly in my hand. Plus I had to play with model proportions handle so that the blade as a whole was balanced. Now I know what I'm going to produce, so to taste it.

Slice Tagua was slightly proclamation, so I pulled him stuck on a slice of walnut. Tagua adapt and after sticking it beautifully straight.

I found a nice home fries from a pear tree. Unfortunately, during normal circuit can not meet the size of the model. Therefore, I have to cut the fries and proceed to the angled joints.

According to redraw the blade center hole and I'm going to drill. Rap blades do mark for shortening

Hole DPs need to drill carefully and accurately. I recommend using a rack and drill clamp which is easy to adjust the angle of drilling. At 3.3 mm blade I used a drill extended 4.5 mm. Then the desired depth drilled through the next hole, and the rest of the tune needle file.















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