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Jiri Pospisil - Patinated oak´s knife handle





Patina knife handle made of oak, reindeer antler, vulcanized fibre and wenge



 Finished handle after sanding with sandpaper grit 150 brushing with the wire brush in hand drills.



During brushing are steel bristles departing,  so it is essential to protect your eyes, it is suitable long sleeve.



After brushing to emphasize the pores stand out harder rings and wood structure.



Knife handle soak it in to the black alcohol mordant. Rather twice


After drying mordant knife handle gently sand with grit 150



 Black mordant remains in the pores, cracks and highlights and medullary rays.



Knife handle grind with sandpaper 220 and finer. We can use scotch brite.



Handle let simmer in a jar with a mixture of linseed oil and wax. Glass heated in a water bath. We heat until bubbles escaping from wood - a few hours.



After extraction and cooling can purify rag wheel. Excelling color and texture of wood. The handle could be waxed, or choose a different finish.



In this case, was elected shellac polish, which is demanding the right performance and time.



The result is worth it. The handle is bright, pleasantly warm in your hand, and even though it is smooth and brushed wood gives it a textured surface.


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