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New PARACORD again on stock!…


New photogalery and knives manufacturing instructions

We prepared new face of knives photogalery and manufacturing instructions. Let you inspired! by Jiří Snoha…

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Josef Karkoška - dagger from old jackknife

Instructions for the production of knife

After reviewing the section "Instructions for the production of a knife" on your website, I decided to contribute and I bit.

I fucking had a folding knife, at which time I cracked cast-iron handle. The blade I was sorry to throw and the idea was there. Because I was at one time interested in the Celts, he was born the idea to produce "botak" - a dagger into his shoes with wooden handle, complete with brass and fiber.
   I sand blade into sided shape and had welded a piece of "flat pieces" for the extension.
The pivot hole of the opening blade was blinded suitable diameter nail.

  Termination blade was adapted for sticking to handle and ready patronage of brass and Fiber. Patronage from the front side, I polished to a mirror (as I was reminded in the instructions after the seal is not ideally accessible). Handle pieces were after carefully wrapping duct tape due to flow through the adhesive bonded with adhesive (epoxy CHS 1200) 

  After curing properly handle almost reached its final shape and that was the end firmer grip was fitted with fibrates and brass finish. At the end brass were fed M3 screws for attachment to the handle and re-sealed.


  Thus finished blank is already missing just grind and  polish  into final form. I finished handle soaked with linseed oil and carnauba wax (impregnated wood and exits).

  The finished knife, I tried to make a short leather case with a pattern on the front. As a first attempt
It could have been worse. On the embossed pattern I used the color of ink jet printers during impregnation and polishing washed out.

This is how the rescued Blade Switchblade.

Be it a short guide inspiration for further improvement.
Josef Karkoška


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