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New photogalery and knives manufacturing instructions

We prepared new face of knives photogalery and manufacturing instructions. Let you inspired! by Jiří Snoha…

11.12.2018Review of Polar 95 + how to get one for free

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Karla Štěpánová - EnZo Polar 77

All materials and supplies for his first knife I bought at Jatagan.eu ... Enzo Blade Polar 77, alpaca washer, washers Fibre 0.8 mm in white and red and Wenge wood. On a two-component epoxy adhesive from the Uhu and clamp on the hands sticking knives.

materiály pro výrobu nože


First, I adjusted the hole on the alpaca sponsored by small files, using a punching pliers then fiber pads .... I also slightly shortened the length of the mandrel to the final hand was not too long ...

nůž ve výrobě


On a block of wood Wenge I measured the middle and then use the drill press drilled hole, after clamping in vice, I increased the normal drill hole to the required size for my blade ...

pokračoání výroby nože


Just before gluing I prepared all things as we go behind the blade ... alpaca washer, colorful mix of fiber washers and a block of wood glue ... I disperse any separated material in a ratio of 1: 1 into the prepared dish. Each part separately folded hands, I rubbed my reach final strength ... Then I folded the handset pinned to the clip and put into Trobe seal on five minutes when 180T degrees ...

postup výroby nože


Then I started fashioning ... First rough rasp, then various files and then abrasive papers of various grit ... 80, 120, 180, 200, 400, 600 and ended'm fine 1000 ... This step took me the most time, because wood Wenge is very hard wood and had to spend a lot of forces on its processing into a nice, smooth handle ...

další kroky výroby nožů


When the handle of the knife as a result, grinded into a nice and smooth shape, I put her on Shrub three hours into the prepared water bath of linseed oil and carnauba wax. I let the handle until the oil timber accepted ... then I have wiped cotton swab to reach the final gloss ...

The knife was done, and there was only make bush ... I used cowhide thick 3 mm has been dyed to get the closest color to the new handset knives Polar ... First I gauge knife and then cut a 3pcs ... one major component, the liner when inserting the blade to avoid cutting stitches and a piece on the belt loop ... I sewed by hand saddlery stitch using two blunt needles and awls, I used natural waxed thread in brown ... good helper on the skin are edge beveler to chamfering, and circle marking stitches .. .


When the pouch sewn into the final shape, edges've resurfaced finer sandpaper and then rubbed Bavo brown leather on the edges to make it more durable casing outside influences .... Knife into it nicely fits and super hold inside ... bro did all self-made birthday gift very happy, and me too, actually because production was super relax ...

Výroba nože návod



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