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Yakutian 120

Catalogue number:15140
Weight of an item:0.07 kg
blade length mm:120
Action price: 48.76 € (inc. of VAT)
Availibility:1 pcs
The Yakut knife is a national heritage of the Sakha people along with mammoths and diamonds. It has been formed under a very long time, and is widely used today in all spheres of economic activities of the people. It all focuses on the easing long and painstaking work, such as separate meat from bones, plane frozen fish and to repair broken sledges.

According to the Yakut tradition, the smithing craft came from noone else, but from the sinister deity Kadai Maxine, leader of the blacksmith hell. Maybe that's why knives from the masters of Sakha always seemed to perform miracles: when the blades touched a bear or other animal - immediately the animal falls dead.

Yakut knife- is a simple and intuitive tool for working with wood, hides, skins, and of course, he has no equal when working with meat and cooking stroganina.

Blade length: 115-125 mm
Blade width: 20-23 mm
Blade thickness: 4-4,5 mm
Total: 190-200 mm
Steel: SHKH15, GCr15
Smith: Andrey Shishliannikov (SH-Andrey), Ust-Ilimsk, Russia

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