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Quality Wax

Catalogue number:VO11
Weight of an item:0.55 kg
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A traditional wax made with natural raw materials like African beeswax, candellilla wax,

carnauba wax and pure turpentine oil.



Sand the new wood with a 150 grit sandpaper and remove the sanding dust.


user tips

Apply a thin coat with a paintbrush or cloth in the direction of the grain.

Leave to dry for 12 hours and buff with a furniture brush or cloth.


drying times

Leave to dry overnight before polishing.






after treatment

Use several layers of CIRANOVA QUALITY WAX.

For maitainence, use CIRANOVA LIQUID WAX.

Do not use varnish over wax polish.


colour:                   clear

Available packing:    500ml

Storage:                 store in a well ventilated and cool place for up to 2 years


special qualities

This product is made from natural raw materials, including carnauba, candellilla, natural African beewax and pure turpentine oil.

Attention:    CIRANOVA QUALITYWAX is flammable..

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