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We prepared new face of knives photogalery and manufacturing instructions. Let you inspired! by Jiří Snoha…

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UHU plus endfest 300kg - feeder

Catalogue number:UH3
Weight of an item:0.075 kg
Action price: 8.76 € (inc. of VAT)
Availibility:goods is in stock
Metals, glass, porcelain, ceramic, wood, marble, stone, concrete, Duroplast®, glass fibre reinforced synthetics, rigid PVC, rubber, rigid foam plastics such as Styropor®. Not suitable for sticking large areas of glass.


The surfaces to be stuck must be dry and free of dust and grease.
Roughen smooth surfaces.
Mix 1 part binder with 1 part hardener (equal lengths of strands).
Apply adhesive to one side, or to both sides for rough materials. Place the parts together in exactly the right position without applying pressure.

Please read the safety notices on the packaging.

Open time:
Depends on quantity used and ambient temperature (approx. 2 hours at room temperature).

The setting time depends on the temperature, final strength can be increased by applying heat (not over 200°C – see table).
Temperature                       Setting time                       Strength
20 °C                                      12 Std.                           1200 N/cm2
40 °C                                        3 Std.                           1800 N/cm2
70 °C                                       45 Min.                           2000 N/cm2
100 °C                                     10 Min.                           2500 N/cm2
180 °C                                      5 Min.                           3000 N/cm2
10 N/cm2 = 1kg/cm2
Pkg:  25g

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