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13.03.2017New blades JK Knives and Casström!!!
We have new blades JK Knives and Casström.…

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Vyřídili jsme objednávku s pořadovým číslem 20 000 !! … a jako poděkování všem našim zákazníkům jsme připravili malý dár…

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Paracord Blue camo

Catalogue number:166
Weight of an item:0.05 kg
Action price: 0.48 € (inc. of VAT)
Availibility:goods is in stock
Parachute Cord - Paracord
In practice, for example, is used to attach equipment to backpacks, tie-important or small objects that do not want to lose, secure storage for vehicles, fixing camouflage nets, construction of shelters and the like. Or also for measuring distances such as strings for repair kits and emergency equipment or even fishing. And last but not least, the original knife handles.

The indicated price is for 1 meter. The required number of yards put in the cart.

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