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Lignum Vitae 30x40x125mm

Catalogue number:VYP39
Weight of an item:0.18 kg
Action price: 18.36 € (inc. of VAT)
Availibility:goods is in stock

These blocks have a larger share of whitewood !!!

1pc of wood

Guaiac is truly exceptional wood : it is not only beautiful to look at, but also extremely strong and tough and remarkably durable. after centuries were mined extensively and currently stocks are very meager - occurs only in coastal areas of Central America . Sometimes it is also called "tree of life" ( from the Latin lignum vitae ) and esteemed especially for resin used in medicine , and self-lubricating ability . Due to the natural oil content applies mainly in the production of pulleys , wheels , gears , bearings and forms. The guaiac is also produced bowling ball . Other names: Ironwood , wood of life , lignum vitae Color: Strips olive green , dark yellow , light brown, black and dark brown , with light herringbone effect. Texture : Generally fine and uniform , fiber , however, easy to tear , and the surface is rough to the touch . Hardness: Extremely high Volume - Weight: Extremely high (1150-1310 kg/m3) Strength: Extremely high


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