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SanMai blades

 San Mai - this is actually the name of the construction of the blade, which can safely be called a classic sandwich. Middle of the plate representing the blade is hard (Hard Steel) steel with high carbon content (Center High Carbon Steel) and other alloying elements (varies according to the hardness of the steel from 62 to 68 HRC!). The top layer on both sides are medium, but rather low-carbon steel, which in turn is highly resilient and thus serves as the "arrestor" (ie like stopper!) Microcracks that arise in very hard layer of high carbon steel. The blade becomes extremely resistant against loss blade (hard facet) without risk of breakage (viscous upper layer). Grows primarily impact resistant blade for mowing, but also gentle prying (!). As a protective steel (ie tenacity) is often used steel 420 HC, respectively. 420J2. Blades are manufactured with this technology in terms of its durability and resistance to blade dynamic stresses placed on the same level with steel ZDP-189th


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