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Terms & Conditions
  1. General provisions
  2. Subject of the contract
  3. Place of fulfilment
  4. Ordering of the goods, concluding the contract
  5. Price and payment
  6. Delivery period
  7. Transport terms, postage charges
  8. Warranty, service
  9. Final provisions
1. General provisions

a) By submitting an order the Purchaser accepts the terms for delivery of the goods declared by the Seller. Relations between the Purchaser and the Seller are governed by these trade terms which are binding for both contracting parties unless stated in the contract otherwise. The terms specify in detail the rights and obligations of the Seller (the P.M.P. Company s.r.o.) and their clients (purchasers) and in the actual wording represents the content of the purchase contract (for delivery of goods) or an integral part of.

b) If the purchase contract is not concluded between the participants in writing, the Seller will deliver the goods on the basis of the electronic order and the specification of the client (orders delivered through electronic form) on the form which is available upon the first registration of the client in the Internet shop.

2. Subject of the contract

The subject of the contract is only those items expressly stated in the purchase contract – order (hereinafter referred to as the “goods”). Weights, dimensions, capacity, prices, performances and other data contained on the WWW pages of Jataga.eu, catalogues, prospectuses and other printed matters is independent data if not stated in the contract as binding. Seller  undertakes to deliver to their clients:
- perfect goods in accordance with the specification or properties usual for the respective type of goods
goods which fulfil the standards, regulations and directives valid in the territory of the Czech Republic
- goods including Czech language user manuals, warranty certificates and lists of post-guarantee repair shops if usual for the respective type of goods.

3. Place of fulfilment

The place of fulfilment is the warehouse of the Seller. In the case of personal collection of the goods, the Purchaser is obliged to submit to the issuing warehouse the document concerning the full payment of the goods. When collecting goods by another person other than the Purchaser, the person collecting the goods is obliged to submit power of attorney issued by the Purchaser for the name and valid ID card of the authorized person.

4. Ordering of the goods, concluding the contract

a) The condition for the validity of the electronic order is the completion of all required data contained in the form. The order is the draft purchase contract. To conclude the purchase contract the formal confirmation of the order by the Seller is not required, the contract originates by the delivery of goods. The Seller may request in individual, mainly price demanding cases, to reserve the origination of the contract by confirmation of the order.

b) Depending on the nature of the transaction (volume of goods, price level, costs for transport, distance, etc.), the Seller is always entitled to request the Purchaser for authorization of the order in a suitable manner, e.g. by telephone or in writing. If the Seller rejects to authorize the order in the requested manner, the order will be considered invalid.

c) If a long term general purchase contract will be concluded between the parties, the electronic order will specify and actualise the concluded contract and will from an integral part of.

d) Permanent clients with whom a written purchase contract is concluded can use the benefits agreed during the signing of the contract or unilaterally offered by the Seller after the concluding of the contract on their Internet page.

5. Price and payment

Prices stated on the seller's WWW pages are valid at the time of ordering. Prices stated in the printed price list are valid up to the issue of a new price list. The Seller reserves the right in terms of any printed errors and changes in prices in the case of a change in the exchange rates, a significant increase in inflation or in the case of any significant changes in the delivery terms of producers and other suppliers of goods. The purchase price will be considered as paid at the time of the crediting of the whole purchase price for an independent part of the delivery to the current account of the Seller or by cash payment at the cash desk of the Seller. In the case of non-fulfilment of any payment deadline, the Purchaser is obliged to pay the Seller late payment charges due from the amount not paid in time at the level of 0.1% per each day of delay. The Seller reserves the ownership right up until the full payment of the purchase price.

The invoice issued on the basis of the purchase contract between the Seller and the Purchaser is at the same time a tax document. Collection of the goods by the Purchaser is principally possible after full payment, unless agreed otherwise.

The price of the transport is added to the price of goods.

Act on VAT, Part III, Section 9, par. 1, letter a)

The taxable supply is considered as the supply performed during the sale of the goods according to the purchase contract on the date of delivery, in other words, on the date of collection or payment of the goods on the date which occurs earlier, unless stated by law otherwise.

“Date of delivery of the goods” according to the Commercial Code: Chapter II, part 2, Section 412 par. 1

If the Seller is not obliged to deliver the goods to a particular location, according to the contract, the delivery is to be completed by handing over of the goods to the first forwarder in order to be transported to the purchaser, if the contract will state the sending of the goods by the Seller

6. Delivery period

The delivery period will start from the date of receipt of the binding order provided that all source materials were received which were necessary for the timely settlement of the delivery. In the case that the goods will be in the warehouse, the Seller undertakes to dispatch or to hand over to a forwarder within five working days. This period will be adequately prolonged according to the circumstances if the delay will be caused by Force Majeure or circumstances beyond the control of the Seller.

Most goods are permanently in the warehouse. However, some producers do not notify a breakdown in production or delay in deliveries. In the case of an important order, the Purchaser will request from the Seller the written confirmation of the order. In the case that the goods are not in the warehouse or it is not possible to deliver the goods to the forwarder within five days, the Seller will notify the expected delivery date and offer another comparable product. However, in this case the Seller will request the approval of the Purchaser. The delivery period is considered as fulfilled at the time that the goods are ready in the place of the fulfilment to be handed over no later than on the last day of the agreed or additionally agreed delivery period.

If the Seller is not able to send the goods within thirty calendar days to the customer (or handing over to a forwarder for transport), the Seller is obliged to reimburse without delay all financial funds spent by the customer concerning the actual order – purchase contract to their account.

7. Transport terms, postage charges

Summary of possible ways of goods delivery and their prices for:

Česká pošta "Balík Do ruky" * 3,84 €

Neúčtováno při objednávce nad 2000Kč vč. DPH

Česká pošta "Balík Na poštu" * 3,84 €

Balíček bude připraven na Vámi zvolené poště
k vyzvednutí.
Neúčtováno při objednávce nad 2000Kč vč. DPH

Zásilková služba GLS * 3,48 €

Rychlé doručení obvykle do druhého dne.
Neúčtováno při objednávce nad 2000Kč vč. DPH

Zasilkovna.cz - osobní vyzvednutí * 2,40 €

Zásilky odesílány vždy v pondělí, středu a pátek.
Neúčtováno při objednávce nad 2000Kč vč. DPH

Osobní odběr ve Starých Bukách * 0,00 €

Provozní doba 7.00-14.30 - volejte dopředu pro upřesnění termínu vyzvednutí objednávky.

* For deliveries over 66,12 € (free of VAT) 80,01 € (inc. of VAT) is transport free of charge for this delivery.

Summary of possible payment methods and their prices:

Dobírkou 1,60 €
(orders to 1 800,00 € )

Platba v hotovosti při převzetí balíčku poštou, službou GLS a nebo při převzetí na zásilkovně.

Převodem z účtu 0,00 €

Platbu proveďte na účet č.: 151882952/0600 , VS - číslo objednávky.
Zálohovou fakturu najdete na svém účtu v menu "zobrazit předchozí objednávky" v tabulce poslední sloupek označen ZF.

Platba kartou online 0,00 €

Platby online platebními kartami VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro , prostřednictvím ověřeného systému 3D-Secure.

Převodem online 0,00 €

Platba převodem online.
Platba 24, KB-Mojeplatba, RB-ePlatby, mBank, Fio Banka a další.

PayPal - shop@jatagan.eu4,00 %

Platbu proveďte přes Váš účet PayPal na shop@jatagan.eu .
Nebo můžete platbu provést  kartami VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro ,

Hotově při vlastním odběru 0,00 €

Platba v hotovosti při vlastním odběru u nás na provozovně.

The delivery period is within three working days (shipments within Czech republuc) from the handing over of the parcel to the forwarder. The Purchaser is obliged to correctly accept the goods from the forwarder, to check the integrity of the packages, the number of parcels and in the case of any defects to immediately notify the forwarder. The invoice and tax document will be attached to the marked parcel.

8. Warranty, service

The warranty period will commence from the date of the handing over of the goods to the Purchaser or the final user in the case of a sale. The Seller will provide the warranty for the quality and completeness of the delivery. The goods are delivered with a warranty period of 24 months. If the Purchaser will find while receiving the goods any defect, they are obliged to notify this in writing in the form of registered letter without delay, no later than within three days from the receipt of the goods.

The claim sheet must contain the date of delivery of the goods, the name of the product, the claimed quantity, description of the defect(s) and a proposal for settlement of the claim. The Seller is obliged to provide a standpoint to the claim within 10 days from the date of the receipt of the claim.

9. Final provisions

These trade terms are valid in the wording stated on the Internet page of the Seller on the date of sending an electronic order unless agreed in writing between the parties otherwise. In the case of permanent contractual relations (if a general purchase contract is concluded), the Purchaser has the right to cancel the contract if, after signing the contract, there is a significant change in the terms. If the order will be sent after the date on which the terms were changed, it is valid that they will agree with the change. The cancellation is effective at the time of its delivery to the Seller, however, this does not relate to a delivery already handed over to the forwarder. By sending the electronic order, the Purchaser accepts without objection, all provisions of the trade terms in the wording valid on the date of the sending of the order, as well as the valid level of the price of the ordered goods (including any dispatching and transport costs) stated in the Price list on the Internet page, unless agreed in the actual case otherwise. On the basis of the sent order (draft purchase contract) the Purchaser is irrevocably bound for the period stated for the delivery of goods. The participants agree according to the provisions of Section 262, par. 1 of the Commercial Code that unless stated by terms otherwise, their rights and obligations are governed by the Commercial Code, in particular the provisions of Section 409, et. seq.

Valid as of 1st June 2008


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