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Stabilizing wood - resins, dyes and chambers

Pre-stabilized pieces of wood can be bought in the stabilized wood section.

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Jatapol resin epoxi 1,4kg Jatapol resin epoxi 4,2kg
Stabilizing Jatapol resin epoxi 1,4kg Stabilizing Jatapol resin epoxi 4,2kg
Jatapol Epoxi - nízkoviskózní stabilizační pryskyřice pro stabilizaci materiálů a dřeva. Jatapol Epoxi - nízkoviskózní stabilizační pryskyřice pro stabilizaci materiálů a dřeva.
Availibility: goods is in stockAvailibility: goods is in stock
19.96 € (inc. of VAT)
58 € (inc. of VAT)

Jatapol resin WR90N- 3l Jatapol Dyes dark Black 30ml
Stabilizing Jatapol resin WR90N- 3l Stabilizing Jatapol Dyes dark Black 30ml

Jatapol WR90N stabilizing Resin is a low viscosity and odor, deep penetrating, heat cured product that is reusable and easily cleaned up with soap and water. Once cured the resin-filled wood can easily be polished to a high sheen. 

The resin is clear colour to honey color, darker shade can be ignored - highlights the wood grain.

package 3 liters

JATAPOL DYES Stabilizing- pigments for coloring stabilizing resin series JATAPOL - JATAPOL EPOX and WR90.
Availibility: goods is in stockIn stock: goods is in stock
from 79.96 € (inc. of VAT)
7.96 € (inc. of VAT)

JATAPOL Stabilizing vacuum chamber
Stabilizing JATAPOL Stabilizing vacuum chamber
Stabilizing vacuum chamber for stabilization wood , bones and other natural materials.
Diameter JATAPOL Vacuum Chambers inner diameter of the chamber is 15cm.
Availibility: goods is in stock
from 147.96 € (inc. of VAT)

We work with our own technology

Stabilized wood preserves and emphasizes the natural wood pattern. The result is achieved by a resin of our own production. The result (wheter it is a knife handle or anything else) is almost non-porous so it lasts for decades if taken care of properly. The process of stabilizaion jas various uses. It can be used to preserve much more than just wooden blocks. Our resin can also preserve various bones (giraffe, camel etc.). 

wood stabilization just requires a bit of resin

So what does the stabilization actually do?

  1. It makes the wood perfectly firm. It completely stops its natural expansion.
  2. The wood becomes almost non-porous.
  3. It releases troublesome tension in the material. It will no longer languish or become dry.
  4. The resin increases the wood's weight considerably. The actual increase varies between 20 to 150 %. The denser the wood is in its natural form, the lesser increase in weight you can expect.



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