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KMFS Sharpener

Catalogue number:KMFS
Weight of an item:1.92 kg
Action price: 180 € (inc. of VAT)
Availibility:1 pcs
Na tento produkt není možné uplatnit slevové kupóny

Complete production of CNC machining centers from block material for maximum rigidity and accuracy.
All production in the Czech Republic

Delivered without diamond stones. They can be purchased as an accessory !!!

Accurate angle adjustment by stepping 1.5 mm on the lead screw.
Identical adjusting the angle on both sides of the bound moving left and right sides
Due to the movement of articulated mother after the lead screw is suppressed by the effect of increased bevel at the tip of the knife known sets of Lansky and Wicked Edge


plastic case with foam lining

-dural ENAW alloy 7075 T651 hard anodized color,
-stainless lead screw, guide rods and screws, stainless steel angle gauge
-bronze guide bushings, sleeve lead screw and rod nut

Package contents:
-knife jumper with a mechanism
-Two chucks grinding segments (holders burs)
-clamp for attachment to the table
-angle blade
-key for mounting the knives

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