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TORMEK T-4 Sharpener

Catalogue number:T-4
Weight of an item:12 kg
Action price: 389.12 € (inc. of VAT)
Availibility:1 pcs
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 With the T-4 you get access to the Tormek high quality sharpening system at a favourable price and it is ideal for sharpening woodworking hand tools, knives and scissors.


The new T-4 model improves the accuracy and safety when sharpening wood chisels and plane irons thanks to the Square Edge Jig SE-76, which is used at the shaping and sharpening of the edge. Honing on the leather honing wheel is carried out without the jig and with the Universal Support as a tool rest.

Conventional jigs on the market require that you align the tool in the jig with two mounting screws which is time consuming and you lose the exact repeatability when re-sharpening. The new Tormek Square Edge jig solves this problem and the chisel will be lined up squarely, i.e. at 90 degrees, each time without any adjustments. This is achieved because the jig automatically aligns the chisel to its flat, machined face.

Another benefit is that the SE-76 can also clamp short and tapered tools firmly, e.g. Japanese chisels. The jig copes with blades up to 76 mm or 3" width.

The new Square Edge Jig SE-76 has safety stops, which prevent the tool from slipping off the stone, which can hurt your fingers.


  T-7 T-4
Housing Welded steel 3 mm (1/8") ABS plastic
Grindstone 250×50 mm (10"×2") 200×40 mm (8"×1 5/8")
Leather honing wheel 220×31 mm (8 5/8"×1 7/32") 145×26 mm (5"×1")
Stone diameter indicator Yes No
Main shaft, nut and washer Yes Yes
in stainless steel
Carrying handle Yes Yes
Quick coupling for  Yes No
the honing wheel
Honing with the Square  Yes No
Edge Jig, SE-76, on the leather honing wheel
Motor 230 V 1~ 50 Hz 200 W (input) 120 W (input)
Motor 115 V 1~ 60 Hz 200 W (input) 120 W (input)
Motor duty Continuous 30 min/hour
Running speed 90 RPM 120 RPM
Width 270 mm (10 5/8") 230 mm (9 1/16")
Depth 250 mm (10") 200 mm (7 7/8")
Height 325 mm (12 3/4") 260 mm (10 1/4")
Weight excl. packing 14.5 kg (32 lbs) 7.4 kg (16.3 lbs)
Delivered with    
- Square Edge Jig SE-76 Yes No
- AngleMaster WM-200 Yes Yes
- Honing Compound PA-70 Yes Yes
- Handbook Yes Yes
- Tormek DVD Yes Yes
- Truing Tool TT-50 Yes No
- Stone Grader SP-650 Yes Yes
- Accessory tray for storage Yes No
Optional grindstones    
- Blackstone Silicon Yes No
- Japanese Waterstone Yes Yes
Warranty 7 years incl. commercial use 7 years

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