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Western sheaths

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Sheath Bushcraft 115 Sheath Bushcraft 95
Western sheaths Sheath Bushcraft 115 Western sheaths Sheath Bushcraft 95

blades from 105 to 120 mm

For blades 95 mm

In stock: goods is in stock In stock: goods is in stock
26.36 € (inc. of VAT)
25.56 € (inc. of VAT)

Sheath Trapper 95/ Left EnZo Camper sheath
Western sheaths  Sheath Trapper 95/ Left Western sheaths EnZo Camper sheath

blade 95 mm - left

EnZo Camper sheath

In stock: goods is in stock In stock: goods is in stock
17.96 € (inc. of VAT)
26.36 € (inc. of VAT)

Sheath Western 90-100 unsewn Sheath Trapper 95
Western sheaths Sheath Western 90-100 unsewn Western sheaths  Sheath Trapper 95

 For blades 90-110 mm

blade 95 mm - left

Availibility: 1 pcs Availibility: 1 pcs
10.36 € (inc. of VAT)
17.96 € (inc. of VAT)

Sheath Bushcraft 85 Sheath Necker 70
Western sheaths Sheath Bushcraft 85 Western sheaths Sheath Necker 70

blade 85 mm - left
Goods in stock at supplier, availability 7-10 days.

Sheath Necker 70
Availibility: goods is in stockIn stock: goods is in stock
21.96 € (inc. of VAT)
11.96 € (inc. of VAT)

Sheath Trapper 95/Antique
Western sheaths Sheath Trapper 95/Antique

blade 95 mm - left

Availibility: 1 pcs
23.96 € (inc. of VAT)


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