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N690 - 4,5x100x500mm

Catalogue number:N690 4,5/100/500
Weight of an item:1.9 kg
Action price: 51.2 € (inc. of VAT)
Availibility:goods is in stock
High carbon stainless steel (corrosion resistant), very good edge with good edge holding.  Easy for care, relatively easy for sharpening.

Composition: C-1.07 Si-0.40 Mn-0.40 Cr-17.30 Mo-1.10 V-0.10 Co-1.50

Forging: 1050 to 900°C / Cooling in furnace

Annealing: 800 to 850°C / Furnace

Hardening: 1030 to 1080°C / Oil

Tempering:100 to 200°C

Tempering time: 2 x 1 hour

Tempering chart


hardened 60 - 62 HRC

hardened and tempered 58 - 60 HRC

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