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18.02.2019New types of PARACORD again on stock!
New PARACORD again on stock!…


New photogalery and knives manufacturing instructions

We prepared new face of knives photogalery and manufacturing instructions. Let you inspired! by Jiří Snoha…

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TORMEK Sharpeners

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TORMEK T-8 Sharpener Plant grinding drill
TORMEK Sharpeners TORMEK T-8 Sharpener TORMEK Sharpeners Plant grinding drill
Tormek T-8 Water Cooled Sharpening System plant grinding drill
Availibility: 1 pcs Availibility: goods is in stock
684 € (inc. of VAT)
228.24 € (inc. of VAT)

Grinding short knives Woodturner's kit
TORMEK Sharpeners Grinding short knives TORMEK Sharpeners Woodturner
Grinding short knives This kit contains everything you need to shape and sharpen all your turning tools.
Availibility: goods is in stockAvailibility: goods is in stock
25.72 € (inc. of VAT)
254.28 € (inc. of VAT)

Knife Jig Long Knife Jig
TORMEK Sharpeners Knife Jig TORMEK Sharpeners Long Knife Jig
For most knives. Width 45 mm (1¾"). Long knives need to be stiff. Min. blade length 60 mm (2 3/8"). Also for carver’s draw knives. The jig rests freely on the Universal Support so you can follow the curve of the blade. This new knife jig is developed especially for long and flexible knives, e.g. filleting knives. Its larger width, 140 mm (5½"), stabilizes a long and thin blade and the jig copes with blades longer than 160 mm (6¼").
In stock: goods is in stock In stock: goods is in stock
30.36 € (inc. of VAT)
40.84 € (inc. of VAT)

Axe Jig Scissors Jig
TORMEK Sharpeners Axe Jig TORMEK Sharpeners Scissors Jig
For carving and carpenter’s axes. The head of the axe supports freely on the rubber lined stop so you can follow the shape of an individual edge, straight or curved. For scissors and shears. The scissors is mounted in a holder, which supports freely on a support plate so you can follow the individual convex shape of the scissors. Also for portable electric hand planer blades.
Availibility: 1 pcs In stock: goods is in stock
11.6 € (inc. of VAT)
40.76 € (inc. of VAT)

Gouge Jig Multi Jig
TORMEK Sharpeners Gouge Jig TORMEK Sharpeners Multi Jig
For an exact replication of the shape on fingernail shaped turning gouges. Can be set for various lengths of the side bevel. Plus shaft for turning cutters. Also for bent carving gouges and V-tools. Max tool width 25 mm (1"). For an exact replication of the shape on turning skew chisels with a straight or curved edge. Thanks to a unique design the jig also copes with oval section skews. Also for parting and beading tools and roughing gouges. Straight carving gouges up to 50 mm (2") wide. Max width of skews 32 mm (1¼").
In stock: goods is in stock In stock: goods is in stock
72.16 € (inc. of VAT)
52.36 € (inc. of VAT)

Short Tool Jig Planer Blade Attachment
TORMEK Sharpeners Short Tool Jig TORMEK Sharpeners Planer Blade Attachment
For straight shanked tools, such as wood chisels, carving gouges and tools for power carvers. Flanges ensure a 90° positioning of the tools towards the grindstone. Copes with tools down to 45 mm (1¾") length and max width 32 mm (1¼"). For blades of any length. Blades longer than 270 mm (10½") are relocated in the blade holder and ground in two steps. The grinding depth can be set within 0,1 mm (0,004"). Min width of blade 13 mm (½").
Availibility: 1 pcs Availibility: goods is in stock
21.2 € (inc. of VAT)
156.2 € (inc. of VAT)

Moulding Knife Attachment Tool Rest
TORMEK Sharpeners Moulding Knife Attachment TORMEK Sharpeners Tool Rest
For all shapes and makes of moulding knives with 24, 30 or 38 mm distance between guide holes. Sharpens the face of the blade and therefore any shapes can be done. Max width of blades 100 mm (4"). For turning scrapers, hollowing tools and thin parting tools. Also for cabinet scrapers, screw drivers and spoke shave blades. Fast and secure locking on the Universal Support due to the patented design, which increases the locking force by 250%.
Availibility: goods is in stockAvailibility: 1 pcs
140.64 € (inc. of VAT)
26.92 € (inc. of VAT)

Profiled Leather Honing Wheel Truing Tool
TORMEK Sharpeners Profiled Leather Honing Wheel TORMEK Sharpeners Truing Tool
For the inside honing and polishing of turning gouges, carving gouges and V-tools. With exchangeable profiles. Mounts outside the standard honing wheel. Trues the grindstone exactly round and flat. Guided by the Universal Support, which also guides the jigs. Screw feed with dual knobs for smooth feed across the stone. The cutting depth can be set within 0,25 mm (0,01").
Availibility: goods is in stockIn stock: goods is in stock
43.96 € (inc. of VAT)
68.16 € (inc. of VAT)

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