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Jatapol resin WR90N- 3l

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Catalog number: WR90N 3l

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Product description

Stabilizing resin Jatapol WR90N - supplied in an unactivated state, the activator is supplied separately in a can. Before use, pour the activator into the resin canister, shake well and leave for min. 3 hours to dissolve. Then shake and mix again the resin is ready to use. The lifetime of the activated resin is min. 12 months, provided the storage temperature is up to max. 20°C.

Professional wood stabilization

A block of wood with a beautiful pattern conjured up by wood decay fungi - too bad it can't be used on the knife I'm currently making... Mistake! It can be used, and the spell that enables it is called stabilization!

JATAPOL WR90N is almost odorless, store at a temperature of up to 20°C. Curing of the resin takes place at an elevated temperature of 80-85°C either in an oven or in hot water for a period of min. 120 minutes. It is important to observe the temperature, if the temperature is lower than 80°C, polymerization will not occur, if it is higher, the boiling point of the resin will be exceeded. It is best to let the stabilization chamber (oven) heat up to a temperature of 80°C and then insert the aluminum foil-wrapped logs into the chamber. This will allow polymerization to take place in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, it is necessary to maintain the temperature in the range of approx. 80-85°C, in order to maintain the temperature in this range, it is necessary to take into account the increase in temperature that occurs during polymerization (a chemical reaction that generates heat) - so it is best to have one more sensor directly at the stabilized log (connect in series with the sensor that monitors the temperature inside the furnace, one more sensor, and then attach it directly to the stabilized block.) It is essential to keep the temperature of the block in the range of 80-85°C.

For stabilization in small batches, it is sufficient to harden the stabilized logs in hot water - use a thermometer to monitor the temperature of approx. 80-85 °C, once the water is heated to this temperature, the logs are stuffed with WR90N (either vacuum the logs in a plastic bag in a food bag, or it is enough wrap it properly in stretch food foil) put it in hot water, and keep the temperature at approx. 85°C. The advantage of curing in water is that as soon as a chemical reaction occurs in the block and heat is generated, the water immediately removes the excess heat, whereas in the air chamber you must have a sensor directly on the block so that the furnace heating is turned off immediately after the temperature rises, because the air it conducts heat worse than water, so stabilization in a hot air furnace is very demanding on temperature regulation.

At this temperature, the resin will polymerize, after cooling, the block can be sanded and polished to a high shine.



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Sample video stabilization

In this video you can see the process of stabilizing wooden blocks using Jatapol WR90N resin.

Instructions on how to stabilize at home:

The wooden log must be dried to less than 8% moisture. The dried block is placed in a vacuum chamber and completely immersed in JATAPOL WR90N resin (the block must be loaded so that it is completely immersed in the resin. We evacuate the air from the vacuum chamber and leave it in the chamber until air bubbles stop escaping from the block (approx. 1 hour . - depends on the type of wood).After that, we release the vacuum and leave the blocks immersed in the resin for at least 30 minutes. At this point, the resin penetrates into the block. We can repeat this procedure several times. Once the block is sufficiently saturated with resin, we wrap the block in aluminum foil and put it in a preheated oven for about 2 hours, or harden the logs in hot water - see the instructions above. Attention, classic ovens do not have exact measurements, it is necessary to maintain a temperature of 85°C.

At this temperature, the resin will polymerize, after cooling, the block can be sanded and polished to a high shine.

Advantages of the WR90N

  • Resin residues can be washed with soap and water. After hardening, the stabilized wood is very easy to work and polish.
  • JATAPOL WR90N can be used repeatedly (an advantage over EPOXY resin), you dip the blocks into the resin, in the vacuum chamber you penetrate the entire cross-section of the block thanks to its very low viscosity, you take the blocks out of the resin, and you can use the remaining resin next time. On average, one block with dimensions of 30x40x125mm holds approx. 100g of resin, so you can make approx. 10 blocks from 1 liter.

Professional stabilization is carried out in vacuum chambers, using vacuum and very high pressure. In domestic conditions, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, it is also possible to successfully stabilize softer wood species, wood species attacked by rot, etc.


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